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Ferro Digital Video™
Ferro Digital Video™ is designed for capturing video and audio data and for playback multimedia files. Thanks to Direct-X libraries used to render video streams the higest possibble video playback smoothness has been achieved.

Having TV CARD or other capturing device (VIDEO CARD od USB CAMERA) You can write audio - video data to hard disk. The program supports almost 90 popular TV Tuners. It supports older 16-bit Video drivers for Windows as well as fast, 32-bit WDM versions

The program allows movie watching with subtitles, which are before showing on the screen filtered (antialiased). This makes very unique effect almost identical to this watched in the cinema.

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Ferro Backup System™ - network data backup software Ferro Backup System™ is based on client-server architecture and protects computers working in a network. Backups can include selected files and folders or entire hard disks. In the case of a failure it is possible to restore backed up information or the entire operating system including installed applications.

Ferro Backup System requires no expensive server, server version of the operating system or tape drives. As data compression is done at desktop rather than server level, an ordinary cheap PC with a bigger hard drive can be used as a backup server.

With Ferro Backup System it takes just moments to secure information of critical importance for your company’s operations, which is stored on computers connected to a LAN.

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